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Mobile Veterinary Technicians and Assistants


Your pet is at the center of our community. We consult with your trusted veterinarian to provide the highest quality and personalized services to your home.


Our veterinary support staff assists pet owners with services necessary in a pet’s recovery, management, and lifestyle.


Easy online scheduling, record keeping, and progress reports allows for increased observation and monitoring of your pet.

Meet Our Team

House Collars Concierge Vet Techs understands the changing needs of modern pet owners. Our trained veterinary technicians bridge the gap between your home and the veterinary clinic. In-home technician appointments compliment your favorite veterinarian; providing routine services, pet product delivery, and pet parenting education.

Kate McDaniel

Co-Founder, Veterinary Student

Kaitlin's attraction to veterinary medicine developed while working in a pharmaceutical research company. There she was exposed to aspects of project management, drug development, and the clinical research industry. It was no surprise, then, her immediate involvement in veterinary school activities that integrated her interests in both business and medicine. Serving on both local and national boards of the Veterinary Business Management Association, her curiosity of innovation and entrepreneurship in the veterinary profession flourished.

Wendy Evans

Co-Founder, Veterinary Student

Wendy gives a multi-faceted contribution to the veterinary profession. Completing two masters degrees in biology and public health prior to completion of her DVM, Wendy has an expansive scientific background. Wendy has invested great interest in the promotion of preventative health for pets which will be invaluable to the treatment of animals during her tenure with the United States Army Veterinary Corps. She has also acted as a student leader through organizations such as the Veterinary Business Management Association and the Broad Spectrum Association.


Veterinary Technician

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What They’re Saying

“Thanks for helping Delco to have a few more good days. He came outside right after you left, happy and unstressed.”

“Postoperative surgical patients typically require management of incisions, confinement, and frequent medication. House Collars would be a perfect choice to come aid people in the care of post-op pets!”

Jill K. LutherDVM, MS, DACVS

“I would recommend House Collars for many of my clients. Cancer care can be challenging, especially following surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Medication, supportive care, blood work and recheck schedules can be time consuming. House Collars can provide much needed assistance to clients who have dogs and cats affected with cancer. ”

Sandra BechtelDVM, DACVIM

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