Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is House Collars?

Our concierge model facilitates the relationship between you and your veterinarian, without actually having to step into a waiting room. We consult with your pet’s primary physician over the basic health status of your pet then execute the prescribed services in your home. We see this as incremental to decreasing unnecessary stress in you and your pet.

What if I need a service that isn't on the list?

Email and we’ll be happy to discuss your pet’s needs and what service options might be the best fit for your family.

Can I schedule more than one pet per visit?

Of course! There is no additional trip fee for extra pets.

What area do you service?

Currently, we are working to offer services in Tennessee beginning in 2018. We will announce cities and service areas soon!

Why is there a trip fee?

Some services don’t take much time at all! We keep our per minute rates low to reflect the amount of time spent in your home. In order to make sure our technician’s time and driving expenses are covered we require a small trip fee.

Do I have to be home during my appointment?

Only for the first appointment. We will schedule a time for you to come out and meet your pet. At that time as well asking any questions regarding their care and future visits.

Can House Collars provide veterinary care?

We do not provide any diagnoses or interpretation of diagnostics. We will partner with your regular veterinarian to provide your pet the care they need. We recommend a checkup with your veterinarian at least once a year.

When would my pet's care require two team members?

Our service seeks to minimize pet stress in every way. Proper restraint can make a big difference in your pet’s stress level during an appointment. Any time we draw blood for diagnostic testing two team members are required for your pet’s safety. Similarly, if your pet is anxious or stressed during the appointment we may ask to reschedule for a later time.

How far in advance should I make an appointment?

We try our best to accommodate all appointments, but due to our concierge model same-day appointments cannot be guaranteed. Tech-sitting appointments should be booked in advance to allow for a consultation visit.

What hours are available?

We can schedule a basic appointment at almost any time that is convenient for you! For sample collection appointments it is best to schedule at a time when your regular veterinary clinic is open. This way we can minimize the time your sample goes unprocessed.

My pet requires full-time supervision while I am away, can House Collars do that?

Yes! We can offer ‘round-the-clock tech-sitting services upon request. Please call us to discuss your pet’s needs and we will provide you with an estimate.

Qualified Vet Techs with a Passion for Pet Health

House Collars understands the changing needs of modern pet owners. Our trained veterinary technicians bridge the gap between your home and the veterinary clinic. In-home technician appointments act as an extension of your favorite veterinarian; providing routine and medically necessary health services, pet product delivery, and pet parenting education.

Have Questions?

Have more questions, call our service line or contact us via email!

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