How it Works

Using House Collars is Simple


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Call and schedule your first consultation with a House Collar.

We Do Our Homework

We contact your veterinarian for your pet’s medical status, recommendations, and follow-up.

We Develop a Plan for You

With your veterinarian, we formulate the perfect plan to fit your pet!

We Come To You

Personalized pet care at your door!

We Work with Your Veterinarian

Our concierge model facilitates the relationship between you and your veterinarian, without actually having to step into a waiting room.

We Come to Your Home

In-home technician appointments act as an extension of your favorite veterinarian; providing routine and medically necessary health services, pet product delivery, and pet parenting education.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

We know pets are family, which is why we have created a service tailored by your pet’s lifestyle. Help us keep your pets happier, healthier, longer and make your first call to House Collars.

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